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Lanode is a specialist provider of networking, transmission and data communication solutions.

We have moved....

Lanode new office please note that with effect from the 2nd November 2015 our new address will be:

Lanode Limited
Unit 1, Phase 4, Albany Park
GU16 7PL

Phone & fax numbers will remain unchanged.

Product Update

Along with our partner Keymile, we are expanding our solutions for Multi-Service Access Nodes or MSAN's, which are network devices that provide the boundary between customer interfaces and the transport network. MSAN's integrate multiple network functions into a single platform. A major benefit of MSAN's is to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by combining various service offerings into a single piece of equipment, using a standard power source with a standard cable set in a relatively small footprint. Customer facing services such as traditional voice, DSL and leased line services can be provisioned as well as new emerging IP based services such as optical Ethernet, VoIP and 'Video on Demand', all delivered from the same hardware. MSAN's continue to evolve and we are now focusing on two complimentary paths.

MileGate - IP-based Multi-Service Access Platform

Mission-Critical Systems

XMC22, 23 & 25 Subracks

XMC20 Family of Cards

Our latest 'Viewpoint' provides some insight on MSAN's so please take a look here...

Lanode offers a Free Lifetime Telephone Support Service with every product, to all customers, giving you access to our specialist technical team.

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Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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