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Lanode is a specialist provider of networking, transmission and data communication solutions.

Build your Network Infrastructure with Lanode

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It won't be long now before BT stop supporting their Kilostream (2018) & Megastream services but help is at hand with our PacketBand products which enable you to migrate your own Kilostream or Megastream circuits on to your IP network. PacketBand-VX offers a simple migration of Kilostream while PacketBand-TDM does the same for Megastream services, so either way you don't need to worry about the demise of Kilostream or Megastream - you simply insert Packetband. And once the circuit has been migrated you can get immediate pay-back as you can cease the service from BT saving on line rental.

Our latest 'Viewpoint' provides additional insight on Clocks, Clock Recovery, Synchronisation and Multicast issues when migrating leased lines from a traditional PDH/SDH Network to a packet-based one - take a look here....

Lanode offers a Free Lifetime Telephone Support Service with every product, to all customers, giving you access to our specialist technical team.

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