ISDN Bri Fibre Optic Modem


ISDN Bri Fibre Optic Modem

ISDN Bri Fibre Optic Modem

The FRM2-BRI/ST2 is an ISDN over fibre modem that enables basic rate ISDN interfaces to be extended over multimode fibre optic cabling. The units are ideal for sensitive data applications that require the use of fibre and have been designed to transport a single ISDN Bri interface over multimode fibre optic cabling. The unit is completely transparent to all ISDN protocols and is simply 'inserted' between the ISDN line and end terminal equipment.

Configuration of the FRM2-BRI/ST2 is simple, only a single DIP switch need be set and the units are up and running. A wide variety of LED indicators are present giving a comprehensive visual indication as to the health of the link. FRM2-BRI/ST2 are used in pairs. One unit is configured for 'TE' (exchange facing) operation and the other configured for 'NT' (terminal facing) operation.

The FRM2-BRI/ST2 has been designed and manufactured in the UK using state of the art components. The unit employs metal fibre optic connectors to enhance its durability and has been successfully tested for use with BRENT in both voice and data mode.

The FRM2-BRI/ST2 is just one of the cards available for the FRM220 range of fibre optic modems and converters. An extensive range of 19" chassis and stand alone enclosures are available too with different powering options to suit all environments.





Fibre Optic


DIP Switches:

Power Input: Card 12VDC (Various enclosures AC & DC powered)

Dimension: 155 x 88 x 23mm (D x W x H)


Certification: CE, LVD, RoHS