Lanode announce the availability of a BRENT Converter as part of its ISDN Product Solutions

Lanode expand their extensive range of networking solutions.

London – 17th March 2011 – Lanode, a specialist provider of networking, transmission and data communication solutions, is pleased to announce that they have extended their ISDN Networking Product offerings with the addition of a BRENT Converter, developed by Patapsco (now Transition Networks) in the UK.

As an addition to the successful Liberator Series, the BRENT Converter is a powerful and useful tool for many situations. It is designed to simplify BRENT installations and to provide a more cost effective, reliable and manageable solution for applications where multiple BRENTs are required (for video conferencing, for example). It also enables BRENTs to use more reliable PRI services, which may also be delivered over fibre to improve security. To ensure more reliable BRENT operation with ISDN in other countries, including the USA, SPIDs etc are handled and there are a number of configuration options to help the BRENTs to function under different conditions and on a huge variety of networks. BRENT can be troublesome and difficult to interoperate with non-UK ISDN services but the Brent Converter assists in overcoming these issues. It also has many flexible features, such as Number Manipulation, which often come in useful in the more unusual applications often associated with BRENTs.

Lanode have been distributing the Transition Networks (Patapsco) range of products for a number of years, including the Liberator series, which provides a wide range of ISDN converters, ISDN switches, ISDN sharers and ISDN PRI BRI units. Transition Networks (Patapsco) themselves have been working with ISDN services and carriers all across the world for over 15 years and the Liberator range of ISDN converters and switches is one of the results of this expertise - thousands have been installed right across the world. All Liberator units are extremely "soft" and easy to use, yet with a quite astonishing number of routing and switching possibilities; we really can make the configuration of Liberator as simple or sophisticated as you need.

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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