In this Product Spotlight we cover optimising your existing Network Infrastructure with TDM over IP

TDM over IP

Enabling the integration of legacy equipment into modern IP networks thereby optimising the existing network infrastructure and supporting systems when expenditure is under such scrutiny, is a challenge that many organisations face. The reality is we need to 'squeeze' every last drop out of existing technology or better still, find technically advanced solutions that save us money now! One such technology is TDM over IP (Time Division Multiplexing over a packet switched network such as IP), with the ability to deliver clock-locked switched data channels across packet networks thus allowing E1 and serial based devices to communicate over Ethernet / IP networks. Our PacketBand range of TDM over IP products are helping to meet this challenge. Commonly used to inter-connect PBX's together they are simple to configure and provide prioritised transport for all types of voice and data applications. The complimentary ISDN over IP range is unique as it delivers clock-locked switched data channels across packet networks.

Our TDM over IP products excel in delivering very high quality, completely transparent, stable and accurately clocked E1/T1 "leased line" circuits across different types of packet networks, suitable for the most demanding of applications.

The range includes a 2U chassis supporting 16 or 32 E1/T1 and/or V.35/X.21 circuits.

For more information on our TDM over IP products, click here

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Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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