In our first 'Viewpoint', Ian took a look at Fibre Optic Converters and considered:

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • overcoming distance limitations associated with copper cabling,

  • wanting to migrate to higher speeds not supported on other media, or

  • maybe you need to use fibre cabling to meet security guidelines.

And are you under budget pressures to improve network & transmission performance while saving money? Now that's a difficult juggling act and I can assure you that you're not alone.

Many of our customers have faced the same issues and they've found that there are numerous advantages in using fibre optic cabling and equipment.

Take the FRM220 platform for example, which we believe offers the widest range of fibre optic modems, converters and line drivers that can be housed and managed in a single chassis. Carrier class by design the FRM220 enables the integration of a wide variety of interfaces from 10Gig Ethernet to 75bps RS-232. High densities can be achieved by using the 2U 20 slot chassis and we even have a range of dual channel Gigabit converter cards, enabling 40 conversions from 2U.

Powerful management can be realised by the addition of the NMC card that provides a Web based GUI & SNMP. Carrier EFM protocols come as standard enabling IP-less management across the fibre network right into the remote modem. The chassis also has a pair of alarm relays and is able to stack up to 10 chassis as one management IP address. A variety of cards are available that support different technologies including Ethernet, Voice, Video & Data.

Providing an economic solution in high density fibre converter installations in enterprises or central offices, and with dual power supplies, dual fan trays with all elements being 'hot swappable', we're finding that it successfully provides transmission across fibre networks for Carriers, Enterprises and Governments alike in locations all around the globe.

So with a proven track record, you may find that the FRM220 family is tailor made for your requirements. Might be worth taking a closer look or feel free to give me a call if you'd like to discuss how you could economically improve your network infrastructure and performance.

If you have comments or thoughts on this viewpoint then let us know as we'd love to hear from you, especially if you have any specific views on fibre optic converters.

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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