Connected Campus Solutions

Actelis Networks’ Connected Campus Solutions enable universities, colleges, and schools to get reliable, high speed Ethernet connectivity wherever it is needed much more quickly, easily, and cost effectively than can be done by running new fibre or installing microwave. Whether looking to expand WiFi coverage on campus or increase its capacity, install a greater number of surveillance cameras in more locations or upgrade them to HD cameras, or provide high speed connectivity to sports fields, remote parking areas or temporary classrooms, Actelis has the solution. Many neighbourhood schools and those schools serving less densely populated areas spanning multiple small towns can also benefit from being able to get up to 100s of Mbps of high speed access delivered to them where the cost and time needed to run fibre would make this impossible.

Connected Campus Solutions

The Actelis Connected Campus Solutions are based on the ML600 and ML700 series of G.SHDSL and VDSL2 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs), and provide up to 100s of Mbps of broadband access or campus-wide connectivity.  Offering reliable, high performance bandwidth, they support up to 6 Ethernet interfaces to connect WiFi base stations, surveillance cameras, routers, servers, VoIP, and other devices. The solution can be all broadband over copper end-to-end, or Actelis can extend bandwidth off existing fibre. SFP interfaces ensure a smooth migration path from copper to fibre if and where it makes sense in the future.

Connected Campus Solutions

Actelis provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions. For a point-to-multipoint solution aggregated at a centralized campus or IT hub location, the ML230/2300 aggregation switches can provide termination for up to 256 copper pairs, delivering an efficient handoff to collocated IP/MPLS switches/routers, while also supporting Ethernet ring protection (G.8032) for resilient ring configurations.

Other key features of the Actelis educational solutions include:

  • Ethernet bonding of high speed links using 4-32 copper pairs of G.SHDSL at up to 15 Mbps of symmetric bandwidth per pair
  • Bonding up to 8 copper pairs of asymmetric service using VDSL2
  • Extended G.SHDSL range metro-wide with the XR239 Repeaters
  • Increased distance and bandwidth with line powered, analog Broadband Amplifiers (BBAs)

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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