OAM/IP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with Fibre Cable Tray

OAM/IP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with Fiber Cable Tray

The FTH4-1000MS is an IEEE802.3ah OAM compliant copper to fibre Gigabit Ethernet solution designed to make conversion between 10/100/1000Base-T and 100/1000Base-X with SFP LC connector. The FTH4-1000MS has a built-in cable tray that allows the user to enclose the excessive fibre within the converter. When deployed as a stand-alone solution, this media converter incorporates an easy to use Web user interface for operation, administration and maintenance of both local and remotely. By offering 802.3ah OAM compliance, this converter can be linked to any 802.3ah compliant fibre switch and support loop back and dying gasp functions. All functions of this converter and the remotely connected converter can be configured and monitored via Web management, including band-width control, duplex, speed, VLAN configuration.

OAM/IP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with Fiber Cable Tray schematic


  • 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X
  • Forwarding 9k bytes Jumbo Packet
  • Built-in fibre cable tray
  • Ingress/Egress Bandwidth control
  • Support 802.3ah OAM/IP In-band management
  • Firmware upgrade via Web
  • Dying gasp (remote power failure detection)
  • Support Link Fault Pass Through ( LFP ) Function
  • Support Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) Function
  • Allow IP settings via Web management
  • Support On-Line F/W upgrade (local) by the Web manager
  • Support 16 Tag VLAN Group/ Q-in-Q
  • RMON counters
  • Auto-Cross over for MDI/MDIX in TP port
  • Auto-Negotiation or Manual mode in TP port
  • Support flow control Enable or Disable


Optical Interface:

  • Connector: SFP LC
  • Data rate: 100/1000Mbps
  • Duplex mode: Full duplex
  • Fibre: MM 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm, SM 9/125μm
  • Distance: MM 2km, SM 15/30/50/80/120km, WDM 20/40/60/80km
  • Wavelength: MM 1310nm, SM 1310,1550nm; WDM 1310Tx/1550Rx (type A); 1550Tx/1310Rx (type B)

Electrical Interface:

  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Data rate: 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps
  • Duplex mode: Half / Full duplex
  • Cable: 10Base-T Cat.3, 4, 5, UTP, 100Base-TX Cat.5, 5e or higher

Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.3ab, 802.3z
Indications: LED (Power, FX-Link, LAN Speed, LAN Link )
Power Input: Card : 12VDC; Standalone : AC, DC options
Power Consumption: < 4W
Dimension: 220 x 140 x 27mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 0.715kg
Temperature: 0 ~ 60°C (Operating), -10 ~ 70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 10 ~ 90% non-condensing
Certification: CE, FCC, LVD, RoHS
MTBF: 65,000 hrs

QoS with four priority queues - The QoS (Quality Of Service) function provides four priority queues to support different classifications of traffic. High priority packet streams experience less delay inside the FTH4-1000MS , which supports lower latency for certain delay-sensitive traffic. The FTH4-1000MS can classify the packet as one of the four priorities according to VIP port.

Dying Gasp - The Dying Gasp features enables FTH4-1000MS media converter to send out a SNMP trap to alert the SNMP
manager in the event of remote power failure.

Remote Firmware Upgrade - The remote firmware upgrade feature enables the media converter can be updated remotely via firmware upgrade including the products that were already installed in the field. This feature eliminates the need for the users to ship the product back to the supplier.

Bandwidth Control - The Bandwidth Control function allows users to set the bandwidth of FTH4-1000MS media converter for both ingress and egress rate and can be allocated a variety of rates up to full bandwidth capability of the devices (64Kbps ~ 1000Mbps).

Broadband Services - The FTH4-1000MS product philosophy allows the end user to follow and benefit fully from the fast developments in Fibre to the home-networking solutions. The CPE as the interface between the digital broadband network and the user peripheral equipment, such as routers, wireless access points, servers, and printers. With generations of computers and home networking equipment coming and going the FTH4-1000MS will be a constant and reliable factor for the delivery of broadband data services. These services are not limited to today’s broadband internet applications. In the next few years, end-users will also benefit from next generation health-care, security, communication and infotainment service. The FTH4- 1000MS CPE platform fully supports today/s services and is ready for the next wave of new broadband services. Flexibility is key, since the CPE functionality must be matched to the requirements of those new services.

Quick Installation - The installation of the wall-mount unit of FTH4-1000MS CPE is swift and straightforward. Because of its size and ideal dimensions, the FTH4-1000MS CPE can be positioned easily at the user residence or home. The FTH4-1000MS design allows easy access for mounting and does not need the small elements, making the installation process predictable and hassle-free. The wall-mount unit, including integrated fibre tray, not only makes fibre handling and termination easy and robust, but also eliminates the need for optical patch cords.

OAM/IP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter installation







Typical 'Fibre to the Home' (FTTH) Application:

OAM/IP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter application