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Home Products DSL ADSL Splitters ALS-R50 6U 16-Slot ADSL Splitter Rack

ALS-R50 6U 16-Slot ADSL Splitter Rack

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ALS-R50 6U 16-Slot ADSL Splitter Rack

ALS-R50 6U 16-Slot ADSL Splitter Rack

The ALS-R50 is a 6U, 16 slot, 19(23)" rack mountable chassis for concentrated central office POTS splitters used in conjunction with ADSL DSLAMs. The chassis motherboard is available in 4 different configurations, one with wire-wrap POTS, one with wire-wrap POTS plus DC blocking, one with IDC connector POTS and one with IDC connector POTS with DC blocking. Each physical card provides 24 loops. In the wire-wrap POTS configuration, the 24 loops of each card go directly to one group of connectors (POTS / Line / DSLAM). In the IDC connector based configuration, the 24 loop cards are grouped into sets of 4 cards or 96 loops. Therefore, IDC based configuration must be populated with 4,8,12 or 16 card sets. Each card set provides high density connections to the central office DSLAM using 2-50 pin (2.54mm pitch) locking header IDC connectors and cables. Each connector supports 24 loops. In the wire-wrap configuration, DSLAM connections are provided by 2-50 pin locking header IDC connectors while POTS and line connections are provided via two sets each of 12x4 wire wrap terminals.


  • 6U 19(23)" rack
  • Consists exclusively of all passive elements
  • Designed for implementation of ADSL CO application
  • Handles all POTS loop current from 0 ~ 100mA
  • If the power on ATU-C/ATU-R fails, telephone service on the ADSL line will operate normally
  • Provides excellent isolation between DSL and POTS
  • Up to 16 cards (384 loops Max)


Impedance: 300 ~ 3.4KHz (900 ohms)
Insertion Loss: 1004Hz short loop: 1dB; 1004Hz long loop: 0.75dB
Attenuation: 200 ~ 3.4KHz short loop: -1.5 ~ 1.5dB
Distortion: 3.4K ~ 4.0KHz short loop: -2 ~ 2dB; 200 ~ 3.4KHz long loop: -1.5 ~ 0.5dB; 3.4K ~ 4.0KHz long loop: -1.5 ~ 1dB
Cut off Frequency: -3dB (8KHz)
ADSL Band: 30k ~ 300KHz: -65dB
Delay Distortion: 600 ~ 3.2KHz: 200us; 200 ~ 4.0KHz: 250us
Return Loss: ERL: 8dB; SRL-L: 5dB; SRL-H: 5dB
Common Mode Rejection Ration: 600 ~ 3.2KHz: -100dBb
Longitudinal Balance: 200 ~ 1.0KHz : -60dB; - 1 ~ 3KHz : -60dB
DC Resistance: 20 ohms
Isolation resistance to Earth: 5.0M ohms
DC current carrying capacity: 100mA
ESD discharge limits: 15k VDC
Dimensions: 285 x 434 x 266mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 18kg
Temperature: -10~70°C (Operating) ,-15~80°C (Storage)
MTBF: 10~90% non-condensing