ALS-10-IT CPE ADSL Splitter, Field for ITA, UK, FI, FR

CPE ADSL Splitter, Field for ITA, UK, FI, FR

The ALS-10 regional ADSL splitters are low-cost, compact, passive low-pass filters designed to provide POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) service to a line that is utilizing ADSL/VDSL technology and customized with regional country telephone plugs. This device is designed to eliminate interference to POTS equipment by blocking high frequency energy (20 KHz~12MHz). The ALS-10 provides point of entry filter to split the incoming line to the ADSL/VDSL modem and the POTS telephone.


  • Compact size
  • Consists exclusively of all passive elements
  • Designed for implementation of ADSL/VDSL CPE application
  • Handles all POTS loop current from 0 ~ 100mA
  • If the power of ATU-R fails, telephone service on the ADSL line will operate normally
  • Provides excellent isolation between DSL and POTS
  • The POTS splitter and Low-pass filter provide RJ-11 connectors for ATU-R/VTU-R and POTS interfaces


Low Pass filter order: 3 Pole
Impedance: 60300 ~ 3.4KHz: 600 ohms
Insertion Loss: 1004Hz short loop: 1dB; 1004Hz long loop: 0.75dB
Attenuation: 200 ~ 3.4KHz short loop: -1.5 ~ 1.5dB
Distortion: 3.4K ~ 4.0KHz short loop: -2 ~ 2dB; 200 ~ 3.4KHz long loop: -1.5 ~ 0.5dB; 3.4K ~ 300KHz long loop: -1.5 ~ 1dB
Cut off Frequency: -3dB (10KHz)
ADSL Band: 30KHz: -25dB
Attenuation: 50KHz: -40dB
Delay Distortion: 600 ~ 3.2KHz: 200us; 200 ~ 4.0KHz: 250us
Return Loss: ERL: 6dB; SRL-L: 5dB; SRL-H: 3dB
Longitudinal: 200 ~ 1.0KHz : 58dB
Balance: 1 ~ 3KHz : 53dB
DC Resistance: 20 ohms
Isolation resistance to Earth: 5.0M ohms
DC current carrying capacity: 100mA
ESD discharge limits: 15k VDC
Tip to Ring Capacitance: 20nf
Dimensions: 81 x 31 x 28mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 45g
Temperature: -10~70°C (Operating) ,-15~80°C (Storage)
MTBF: 10~90% non-condensing