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Encryption Devices

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CipherPilot Encryption Devices

CipherPilot Encryption Devices

Encryption of data is the best way to prevent any misuse of sensitive, private and secret information that is transmitted over fibre optic links laid on public ground between locations. Using encryption techniques on easy to crack protocols like Ethernet also prevents against manipulation of data and intrusion into a network. Although encryption devices have a rather complex task to fulfil, the CipherPilots are easy to integrate into the existing network topology. Their influence on the network performance is as low as technically possible. Encryption is carried out without overhead, without extra data buffering and without any changes to the network devices and protocols. The CipherPilot encryption devices offer real time 256 bit AES hardware encryption at wire speeds of up to 10Gbit/s for all standard transmission protocols. The CipherPilots introduce very low latency and do not create any overhead that would reduce throughput. The CipherPilots may also be used in combination with any CWDM/DWDM system on the channel ports.


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