ThruLink - A Secure Network Within a Network

ThruLink - A Secure Network Within a Network

Despite an increasing choice of solutions for transmitting video and data securely, many organisations continue to come up against issues such as network access, complexity, poor signal quality and capacity limitations - all of which can increase network operating costs. With its simple, cost-effective method for establishing secure connections over a public network, Thrulink is helping organisations such as the police, security providers, transport & port authorities and government departments to overcome their network challenges. ThruLink is a specialised, hardware VPN (Virtual Private Network) device that enables an encrypted, virtual connection, or ‘private tunnel’, to be established between two networked components over any type of WAN (Wide Area Network).


A Solution that Spans Industries and Applications:

  • Cost cutting replacement for leased lines
  • Encrypted data transfer across unsecured networks
  • Mobile surveillance - streaming live video over wireless & 3G
  • Large-scale intelligent transport networks & CCTV systems
  • Marine communications - streaming video over satellite
  • Temporary installations
  • Rapidly-deployed surveillance
  • Remote monitoring

Why ThruLink?

  • Transmits IP signals over any type of WAN - ThruLink allows a secure private tunnel to be set up over a private or public network (such as the internet). It does this by segregating and isolating its traffic from all other network communications. The channel that it provides will not affect TTL, UPnP, VLAN information, broadcast, multicast or any other traffic.
  • Optimises connectivity for maximum video quality - By constantly monitoring the parameters of the communications channel, ThruLink optimises the bandwidth potential and minimises path latency through fixed public networks, 3G, wireless and satellite channels.
  • Provides secure, encrypted transmission - Blowfish 128 or AES 128 encryption ensures security across a public network.
  • Live video streaming over 3G and wireless - ThruLink provides the ideal solution for mobile transmission for vehicle-based surveillance.
  • Straightforward & cost-effective - Using ThruLink to transmit video across a public network eliminates the need for costly, leased lines. It requires no software licences and with minimal set up, ThruLink can be installed by non-specialist personnel
  • Flexible & scalable - ThruLink can be used for any type of Ethernet traffic. It allows the network to be expanded as the system requirement grows
  • Web-based GUI - Includes diagnostic tools such as network traffic monitoring, basic traceroute and ping function
  • Supports DDNS, DHCP & SNMPv3

NB: For more information on ThruLink Standard Capacity and High Capacity units please click here

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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