IONMM - The ION Management Module

IONMM - The ION Management Module

To take full advantage of the features and functions available with the ION Chassis, an ION Management Module is required. The ION Management Module connects to the chassis backplane and communicates with the individual cards in the ION Chassis. Only management traffic – no end user data traffic - is sent across the ION Chassis backplane to maintain security. Each slide-in-module for the ION Chassis has specific features and functions that are controlled via the ION Management Module. A network administrator can configure, monitor and troubleshoot ION slide-in-modules remotely via the ION Management Module. This remote management helps reduce operating expenses (OpEx) by reducing technician dispatches. Remote Management allows for faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by proactively receiving traps and alerts on potential issues. With less downtime you are able to focus on revenue generating aspects of your business.

IONMM - The ION Management Module schematic

Key Features:

  • Variety of management access methods including; telnet, web, SNMP
  • Single slot design allows for more slide-in-modules to be inserted in the ION Chassis
  • Based on Public MIBs
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
  • USB console port
  • TFTP upgrade/backup of slide-in-modules
  • Import/Export configuration files in human readable/editable format
  • Multiple community strings
  • SNTP

Security Features:

These security features allow you to control access to the ION Chassis via the ION Management Module to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to view and change the settings to the slide-in-modules.

  • Management VLAN
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • 802.1x/RADIUS
  • SNMPv1 & v2c, and v3
  • ACL Rules

Access Methods:

  • Web-browser: Access the ION Management Module using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI): CLI access can be done via telnet remotely or via the local console port on the ION Management Module.
  • SNMP: Since the ION platform is based on public MIBs you can easily manage the ION with a standard network management system (NMS) such as SNMPc, HPOV or any other standard SNMP platform.


Standards: IEEE Std. 802.3, IEEE Std. 802.1X
Ports: 10/100 Mbps RJ-45, USB 2.0 device port, USB 2.0 host port
Dimensions: Width: 0.86” [22 mm], Depth: 6.5” [165 mm], Height: 3.4” [86 mm]
Power Consumption: 2 Watts under normal operation, 4.8 Watts with full 2.5 Watts used by USB host port
Environment: See chassis specifications
Shipping Weight: 1 lb. [0.45 kg]
Compliance: EN55022 Class A, EN55024,CE Mark
Warranty: Lifetime