10/100 Converter - USB Powered

10/100 Converter - USB Powered

The FCR200-ST is a Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Fibre Optic Media Converter. The Converter comes with a standard mains plug pack, but can also be directly powered from a PC or Notebook via a PS2 keyboard adapter or a spare USB slot. For centralised media conversion a hot-swappable, 10 slot, 19 inch rackmount chassis can be used to provide a single power source for multiple converters. The Rack chassis solution provides various power options from Dual redundant to single power supplies in either Mains AC voltages or Telco 48V DC options. The FCR200 uses a 2 port Switching Chipset to convert from Ethernet and Fast Ethernet copper segments in both full and half duplex modes, to 100Mbps Fibre connections once again in full or half duplex. In full-duplex mode on standard Multimode fibre, transmission of up to 2 Km is possible. In Full-duplex mode on FCR200SC, using Single Mode fibre, transmission of up to 20/40/60/80/100Km is possible.

The FCR200 range supports 'Link Failure Propagation'. This feature enables propagation of the link signal across both ports of the converter and is seen as a critical feature for managed networks that utilize SNMP type trap events to notify network managers of potential problems. 'Link Failure Propagation' can also be used in modern OS's where Ethernet Link loss can atc as a trigger to enable a standby route. The FCR200 series support two types of LFP methods, FEF (Far End Fault) and Forced mode. The FEF method must be used with like devices that both support FEF, such as two FCR200's. With the advanced functionality of 'Forced Mode' we are now able to add this functionality to end devies such as switches.


  • Nway over-ride to manually select Speed and Duplex
  • Auto MDI-MDIX support (auto crossover detection)
  • Link Status Propagation support
  • Direct USB powering
  • Extended Ethernet packet size support upto 1536bytes - supports additional packet tags.
  • Up to 2048 MAC unicast addresses with 4-layer hashing table.
  • 384K Buffer Memory


Standards: IEEE802.3u
UTP Cable: Cat. 5 cable up to 100m
Fibre Cable: 50.125, 62.5/125 or 100/140 micron multimode ; 8.3/125, 8.7/125 or 10/125 micron single mode
LED Indicators: Power, TP LNK/ACT, 100, FX LNK/ACT, FDX/COL
Data Transfer Rate: 100M: 148,800 PPS; 10M: 14,880 PPS
Flow Control: IEEE802.3x compliant for Full Duplex; Backpressure flow control for Half Duplex
Power Requirement: 1A@+5VDC from Ac-DC Adapter; 0.5A@+5VDC from USB Port
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50 Degrees Celsius
Humidity: 5% to 90%
Dimensions: 26.2(H) x 70.3(W) x 94(D) mm