FRM220 In-band Managed Multi-service Platform

20-Slot Rackmount Chassis

The FRM220 is a 2U high 19" Rack, 20 slot modular media converter rack. It provides an economic solution in high density fibre converter installations in enterprises or central offices. All critical components, Power, fans, management module and interface cards are hot swappable, allowing online field replacement. The hot-swappable power modules can be chosen from AC100-240V, DC18-36. or DC 36-75V. The chassis also has a pair of alarm relays and is able to stack up to 10 chassis as one management IP address. A variety of cards are available that support different technologies including Ethernet, Voice, Video & Data.

Chassis Overview:

20-Slot Multi-Service Platform

The FRM220-CH20 can be fitted with dual AC or DC power supplies. The chassis has a pair of alarm relay contacts to allow the monitoring of external events and up to 10 FRM220-CH20's can be stacked together enabling management of the stack via a single IP address. It can also be used as an unmanaged platform, however when the FRM220-NMC management card is installed powerful management and monitoring features become available. The NMC card provides local console and remote web based or SNMP management. If the converter card supports in-band management (most do!) then the remote converter card at the far end of the fibre link can be managed and monitored too.

Chassis Cascade:

FRM220 Chassis Cascade

Example Chassis Application:

FRM220 Chassis Application


  • 20 slots for converter cards
  • 2U high and 19" rackmountable
  • Single or dual AC or DC power supplies
  • 2 x modular fan trays
  • All components are 'hot swappable'
  • Chassis backplane consists of passive components
  • 2 x alarm relays for the monitoring of external events
  • Powerful management with the FRM220-NMC card
  • Up to 10 chassis can be 'stacked' for management under 1 IP address

Technologies Supported:

  • 10G, 2.7G 3R Transponder
  • Gigabit Ethernet Converter
  • Fast Ethernet Converter
  • Fibre Multiplexer
  • POTS Fibre Converter
  • Fibre Repeater
  • E1/T1 Fibre Modem
  • V35/X21/RS530 Fibre Modem
  • Serial RS485/422 Fibre Converter

Power Redundancy: All the FRM220 chassis power supplies are hot swappable and modular, installing two into a chassis provides redundancy should a single power supply fail. A fully loaded chassis can run continuously with only one power module fitted into the chassis.

Cooling Fan: To further increase system reliability, the FRM220 chassis is fitted with two hot swappable fan modules. Both fan modules can be easily removed from the rear of the chassis, without interruption to the operation of the line cards. A fully loaded chassis can run continuously with only one fan module fitted into the chassis.

Chassis cascade: The FRM220 features cascadeable management which allows managing a stack (up to 10 chassis) from a single IP address. Chassis are interconnected with standard UTP cables that carry control signals. Each chassis has its own ID, starting with the master chassis ID0 and cascading up to ID9.

Network Management: The FRM220 chassis provides an NMC (Network Management Controller) card which must be installed into the first slot of chassis. The NMC card allows a network administrator with the ability to configure and monitor the status of the blades. Management can be achieved locally over RS232, or over the network by Telnet, Web or SNMP If the blades support Ethernet in the First Mile (IEEE 802.3ah), then the management module can also configure and monitor the status of a remote blade.

Protocol Supported: The FRM220 chassis has been designed as a Multi-service platform. This allows network administrators to deploy the chassis in a wide range of network. Technologies supported by the chassis include Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, E1/T1, V35/X21/RS530, Serial RS485/422, Voice FXO/FXS, Repeater, Fibre Multiplexer, E1 Inverse Multiplexer and 10G, 2.7G Transponder.


Connectors: Console RS232(DB9); LAN 10/100 Base TX RJ45
Physical Specifications: Dimensions: 303mm x 438mm x 88mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 5.2kg w/o P/S
Power Characteristics: AC : 100 ~ 240VAC; DC24 : 18 ~ 36VDC, DC48: 36 ~ 75VDC
Environmental Specifications:

  • Operating 0°C ~ 50°C
  • Storage -10°C ~ 70°C
  • Relative humidity 5% ~ 90% non-condensing
  • Predicted MTBF : 65,000 hrs

Certification: FCC class A, VCCI class A, CE, RoHS