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Single Slot Chassis

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FRM220-CH01 Single Slot Chassis

FRM220-CH01 Single Slot Chassis

The FRM220-CH01 are a range of single slot enclosures for FRM220 converter cards. Ideal in standalone or remote applications. They are available with single or dual power supplies in both AC and DC versions. The AC powered units have an IEC (C14) input and DC powered units have a screw terminal block. The final variant is a small metal housing designed for operation with an external 12v AC/DC 'wall-wart'. All the single slot enclosures are fan-less for silent operation.


  • Single slot chassis for FRM220 converter cards
  • Available in six types :-
    • Single AC
    • Single DC
    • Dual AC
    • Dual DC
    • AC and DC
    • External 12v DC 'wall-wart'
  • Fanless operation
  • AC voltage 100 ~ 240VAC
  • DC voltage 24 ~ 72VDC (except external 12v DC 'wall-wart' enclosure)
  • Dimensions:
    external adapter: 160 x 88 x 24mm (D x W x H)
    internal power: 180 x 135 x 35mm (D x W x H)