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Patching Hub

Patching Hub

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PHB-200 Managed SFP Patching Hub 20-port 100/1000-T(X) to 20-port 100/1000-X SFP

PHB-200 Managed SFP Patching Hub

The PHB-200 is a 20-channel SFP patching hub that converts Ethernet copper 100/1000Mbps to SFPs working at 100Mbps and 1000Mbps. The PHB-200 can connect to any RJ-45 Ethernet switch and supports any third-party standard SFP module from any SFP vendor. PHB-200 can also be used as an Ethernet copper-to-fibre media converter. With different kinds of fibre optic media, both multi-mode and single-mode fibre are available as well as BiDi which allows bi-directional transmissions using only a single fibre to extend the distance of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. With SNMP and Web-based management, the network administrator can monitor, configure and control the activity of PHB-200 remotely.


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