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RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter

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RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter

RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter

The FIB-232A is a low cost, compact, fibre converter designed to extend RS-232 transmissions up to 120Km without any repeaters. The transmissions run in fibres which provide for excellent data security as well as being immune to EMI/RFI, variations in ground potentials, and lightning strikes. With the selectable baud rate, the user can choose its own rate for the transmission. The FIB-232A operates at the physical layer (OSI Layer 1) and is completely transparent to the RS-232 transmissions and protocols. The FIB-232A may use an external power adapter. Utilizing an ST, SC fibre cable, the FIB-232A operates in Full Duplex mode for bi-directional transmissions. The FIB-232A RS-232 interface operates in DCE mode for direct connection to DTE devices such as PC DB9 port.

RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter schematic


  • Extends RS-232 transmission distance
    • Up to 2km with multi-mode fibre
    • Up to 120km with single-mode fibre
  • Baud rates up to 230.4Kbps
  • External power source supplied
  • Compact size


Signal Format: EIA RS-232C, ITU V.24, V.28
Mode: Asynchronous
Connector: DB9 Female
Fibre Port: 1 x 9(ST, SC)
Fibre Type: Single Mode, Multi-mode
Light Source: FP Laser, DFB Laser
Wavelength: 1310 nm, 1550nm
Distance: 2Km, 15Km, 30Km, 60Km, 80Km, 120Km
Baud Rate: Up to 230.4Kbps
BER: 10-9
Indications: LED (Power)
External Power: DC12V, 0.4A
Environment: 0 ~ 50°C, 20 ~ 95% RH; -20 ~ 80°C, < 95% RH
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS


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