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Industrial PoE Overview

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Industrial PoE Overview

Industrial PoE Overview

PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability enables PD devices such as surveillance cameras or wireless access points to be powered over standard twisted-pair Ethernet cable, eliminating the needs for requiring external power for PD devices. We provide a variety of PoE products, ranging from injectors, converters to managed switches to fulfill different application needs. All PoE models are fanless and designed in robust IP30 housing that make them ideal for din rail installation or wall mounting. In addition, PoE models support IEEE 802.3af/802.3at standards which are able to provide up to 30W (use 50VDC or above) power supply per port. With power boost and regulation technology, PoE devices can offer 24~48V to 55V power supply for applications that require more power inputs.

PoE Application Scenarios:

PoE Application Scenarios

Remote PD Auto Test & Reset - The PoE application is generally used in places where power is not easily accessible. Using remote PD auto test function, our PSE devices can regularly send test packets to the connected PD devices so that users can know the real-time condition of the remote PD devices without paying on-site visits. If PSE devices do not receive responses from the connected PD devices for a certain period, then PSE devices can initiate a reset action automatically to power down and power up the connected PD devices. With both auto test and reset function, network administrators can remotely monitor the condition of the connected PDs and initiate a power reset to bring PD devices back to normal state before paying on-site visits. Eventually, these two features help the company save truck rolls and reduce operational expenses.

Boost DC Power & Regulate Power Voltage - All our PoE/PoE+ switches, injectors or converters are equipped with PoE Power Booster & Regulation technology. With the built-in power booster feature, PoE devices can be powered up by 24/48V to deliver 15.4W per port and by 50V to deliver 30W per port for IEEE 802.3at applications. The boost efficiency is able to reach 94%~97% high and the maximum PoE power budget can be raised up to 180W for applications like power-hungry PTZ cameras or wireless access points on buses, railcars, ships, etc. Output power is also able to be regulated and stabilized at 55V output voltage so as to enhance the stability of your connected PD devices.

Weekly PoE On/Off Scheduling - For PSE devices, power usage can be allocated manually or automatically to PoE ports by users based on actual application needs. In addition, PoE switches and converters offer PoE ON/OFF scheduling function on a weekly basis to provide PoE to the connected devices based on the planned schedule.