BLN-3010/4010/5010/6010 G.703 Mini Balun

G.703 Mini Balun

A balun is a type of electrical transformer that can convert electrical signals that are balanced to signals that are unbalanced and vice versa. They are also used to change impedance of twisted pair's 120 ohm to coaxial's 75 ohm. An E1 balun's function is generally to convert an E1 carrier signal from coaxial cable to UTP CAT-5 cable. The BLN4010 is miniature Baluns designed for applications where space is restricted due to small dimensions or high densities. The fully shielded design intended for panel mounting and IDC twisted pair termination are available in either standard BNC or 1.6/5.6 jack unbalanced connectors.

G.703 Mini Balun schematic


  • Converts between 75 ohm coax and 120 ohm twisted pair for E1 (2048Kbps)
  • Works in either direction
  • Body parts plated with minimum 5u Ni(Nickel)
  • Contacts plated with minimum 1.25u Ni(Nickel) and 1.25uAu(Gold)
  • Coax connectors with BeCu spring contacts and Teflon insulators
  • Coaxial connector insertion cycle > 500
  • IDC contacts Phosphor Bronze
  • IDC connect/disconnect cycle > 20
  • IDC to suit 24.26.28 AWG Copper wire
  • Integrated cable anchor allows cable to be inserted after termination on IDC


Data rate: 2048Kbps
Unbalanced interface: 75 ohm impedance, 1xBNC or 1x 1.6/5.6 Jack
Balanced interface: 120 ohm impedance, IDC
Dimensions: 1.7cm x 1.6cm x 4.8cm
Weight: 15g
Compliance: ITU G.703 standard pulse

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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