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Home Products Interface Converters E1 G.703 Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator

Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator

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ERM01 Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator

ERM01 Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator

The ERM01 is a 4U 19(23)" concentrator rack type E1 DSU/CSU for Fractional and Unframed G.703 E1 Access for central office installations. There are 13 slots available for hot swappable G.703 E1 cards. An optional SNMP card can be installed into the last slot for configuration and management, leaving 12 slots available for G.703 cards. The SNMP card provides both local control via an RS-232 serial console port and remote IP management using Telnet or industry standard SNMP protocol. Each E1 card may be linked to a remote E1/FE1 stand-alone Access Unit for various LAN, Data, or hosts over E1 network services. The ERM01 accommodates an optional second hot swappable shared power supply module which may derive power from AC (90-250) or DC (-48V) power sources. On the rear panel, combinations of BNC, RJ-45 and wire-wrap terminals are utilized for E1 Line interface connections. Adapter cables are used to convert the HDB26F DCE data ports to V.35, RS-530, RS-449, X.21 or 10/100 Base Ethernet depending on the installed card.

ERM01 Front View

ERM01 Back View

ERM01 Managed G.703 E1 CSU/DSU Concentrator schematic

Application Diagram:

PDH Access Multiplexer - ERM01 application diagram


  • Managed chassis (Optional) with DSU/CSU blades
  • Supports Fractional and Unframed E1 with EOC control
  • Hot swappable blades and power modules
  • Interface Cards for V.35, X.21, RS-530, RS-449, RS-232, Ethernet Bridge and Router
  • I/O connectors all on rear panel
  • Multiple clock source selection (Internal or External: E1 recovery, (DTE or DCE)
  • Built-in BERT with V.54 diagnostic capabilities for performing local and remote loopback
  • Supports local serial Console, remote Telnet and SNMP
  • Supported by SmartView EMS


G.703 E1

Frame format: Unframed/ Framed, CCS(PCM31)/CAS(PCM30)/ CRC4 on/off
Bit rate: 2.048Mbps±50 ppm
Line Code: AMI/ HDB3
Receiving level: 0 ~ -43dB
Line Impedance: 75 ohm(BNC) / 120 ohm (RJ-45)
Jitter Performance: According to ITU-T G.823
Pulse amplitude: Nominal 2.37V ±10% for 75ohm, Nominal 3.00V ±10% for 120ohm, Zero amplitude ± 0.1V
Connector: BNC for unbalanced, and RJ-45 for balanced
Transmit frequency: Internal timing ±30 ppm
Tracking: Loopback timing ±50 ppm, External timing ±100 ppm
Return loss: 12dB for 51 ~ 102KHz; 18dB for 102 ~ 2048KHz; 14dB for 2048~ 3072KHz

User Data Channel

Interface Types: RS-530/RS-449/RS-232,X.21/V.35, 10/100Base-T Ethernet Bridge & Router
Connector: High density DB26 Female
Line code: NRZ (except bridge)
Data Rate: N x 56Kbps or N x 64Kbps, Where N equal 1 to 32
Time slot allocation: User defined
Control signals: CTS constantly On, DSR constantly ON, except during test loops, DCD constantly ON or follows RTS, except during signal loss
Loopback: Line loopback, Payload loopback, Local loopback, DTE loopback

Clock modes:

  • Clock mode 0 Rx & Tx clocks (recovered) to the (DCE1) sync. DTE
  • Clock mode 1 Rx & Tx clocks (internal oscillator) to (DCE2) the sync. DTE
  • Clock mode 2 Rx clock to the sync. Device, (DTE1) Tx clock from the sync. Device
  • Clock mode 3 Rx & Tx clocks from the (DTE2) sync. DCE (from ETC and ERC pin)
  • Clock mode 4 Rx & Tx clocks from the sync. DCE (DTE3) (all from ETC pin)

Standard: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.732 and ETSI ETS 300 420
Power Input: AC: 100~240VAC, DC: -42~-55
Power Consumption: 80W
Dimensions: Chassis : 285 x 438 x 180mm (D x W x H), Line card: 260 x 22 x 180mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 6.6kg
Temperature: 0~50°C (Operating) ,-10~70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 10~90% non-condensing
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
MTBF: 57,000 hrs (25°C)