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Home Products Interface Converters E1 G.703 Single Modular Port E1 CSU/DSU w/ LCD and SNMP

Single Modular Port E1 CSU/DSU w/ LCD and SNMP

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ETU01A Single Modular Port E1 CSU/DSU w/ LCD and SNMP

Single Modular Port E1 CSU/DSU w/ LCD and SNMP

The ETU01A single port stand-alone DSU/CSU provides our best digital access solution for E1 and Fractional E1 network services termination. A DTE device may be linked to an ETU01A at data rates of 56Kbps to 2048Kbps. The ETU01A features user replaceable dataport modules for a number of interface standards; including Ethernet bridge, router, V.35, X.21, RS-530, RS-449, G.703 64Kbps Co-directional and RS-232. The ETU01A supports local control and diagnostics via LCD display, keypad and LED status indicators located on the front panel as well as via a menu driven RS-232 console port in conjunction with a standard terminal. These features enable users to easily configure the unit, execute the in-service diagnostics and monitor the network status. The ETU01A provides optional SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), which allows the user to remotely control, diagnose and monitor the system using industry standard SNMP protocol, our proprietary MIB-II, and any network management software.

Single Modular Port E1 CSU/DSU w/ LCD and SNMP schematic


  • Supports Fractional E1 and Unframed E1 service with EOC control
  • Removable interfaces, support V35, X21, RS530, RS449, RS232, G.703 Co-directional, NRZ, Ethernet Bridge and Router
  • I/O connectors on rear panel
  • Multiple clock source selection (Internal or External: E1 recovery, DTE or DCE)
  • Supports Console, Telnet and SNMP management
  • Menu keys and LCD display
  • Supported by EMS
  • Built-in BERT with V.54 diagnostic capabilities for performing local and remote loopback


G.703 E1

Framing: Framed CCS (PCM31) CAS (PCM30) / Unframed CRC4 on/off
Line Code: AMI/ HDB3
LCD display: 16*2 character LCD with backlight
Bit rate: N*56K or N*64Kbps, where N=1~31 in CCS or 1~30 in CAS
Relative receive level: 0 to -43dB
Transmit level:

  • Pulse Nominal - 2.37V ±10% for 75ohm
  • Amplitude Nominal - 3.00V ±10% for 120ohm, Zero amplitude ±0.1V

Jitter performance: According to ITU-T G.823
Connectors: BNC(unbalanced), RJ-48(balanced)
Clock modes:

  • Clock mode 0 Receive & transmit clock (DCE1) (recovered) to the sync. DTE
  • Clock mode 1 Receive & transmit clock (DCE2) (internal oscillator) to the sync. DTE
  • Clock mode 2 Receive clock to the sync. and transmit (DTE1) clock from the sync. device
  • Clock mode 3 Receive and transmit clock from the (DTE2) sync. DCE (from ETC and ERC pin)
  • Clock mode 4 Receive and transmit clock from the (DTE3) sync. DCE (all from ETC pin)

Diagnostics: loopback, Digital remote loopback, Test pattern
Indications: LEDs (Power, TD, RD, RTS, DCD, Singal loss, Sync loss, Alarm)
Standard: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.732
Power Input: AC: 90~250VAC, DC: 18-72
Power Consumption: 10W
Dimensions: 250 x 195 x 45mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 1.56kg
Temperature: 0~50°C (Operating) ,-1~70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 10~90% non-condensing
Certification: CE, FCC, LVD, RoHS
MTBF: 65,000 hrs (25°C)



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