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Dual Power Input Modules

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DUA25/DUA23 – Dual Power Input Modules

Dual Power Input Modules

The DUA2x provides the ultimate power protection upgrade for XMC20 and UMUX installations. The DUA2x keeps your equipment up and running by minimising the downtime caused by power outages and preventing damage to your equipment due to power surges and spikes. The DUA2x acts as a dual input power decoupler that selects between two independent VDC power feeds and delivers them directly to the sub-rack’s power input. Thus, the DUA2x ensures uninterrupted service delivery since the power feed change over is instantaneous and thus transparent to your subrack. The selection of DUA25 or DUA23 is based on the type of subrack you wish to deploy.


  • Unit centralises alarm functionality and power input control
  • Compact and effective solution
  • Delivers built-in redundancy
  • Power protection for both subrack and fan unit
  • Increases the VDC power availability of your network elements

Installation Overview:

For operation with a fan tray (UMUX 1500 with FANU5, XMC25 with COOL4 or XMC23 with COOL6), the DUA2x provides the same dual power support to the fan unit. The unique space saving design of the DUA2x means that it is mounted in a „0 HU“ configuration within the cable tray area thus offering maximum flexibility for utilising valuable rack space. The DUA2x is installed in the field either as part of a new build deployment or as an upgrade option. The field installation process is quick and easy with all mounting brackets, accessories, and installation instructions shipped with the product.


Each of the DUA2x dual power inputs are independently managed thus eliminating many common failures and further increasing your system availability. All DUA2x alarm massages are handled by the external alarm circuitry on the core unit in UMUX or fan unit in XMC20 and managed by means of the well proven management system to ensure high-performance and reliable network operation.


Utilising a fault tolerant design the DUA2x provides the ultimate power protection for your XMC20 or UMUX, in mission-critical environments where you depend on the reliability of redundant power systems housed within your facility. As such, there are numerous applications where the deployment of DUA2x is highly recommended. Examples include:

  • Dedicated Networks
  • Cross-Connect Elements
  • Critical Backhaul Nodes


Environmental Specifications
Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 300 386 V1.3.3 (2005-04) and EN 55022, Class B
Surge protection: IEC/EN 61000-4-5: ±2 kV at 12 W or ±0.8 kV at 2 ohms
Environmental conditions (ETSI 300 019): Storage (Class 1.2); Transport (Class 2.2); Operation (Class 3.2)

Mechanical Specifications
External dimensions (H × W × D): DUA25: 32 × 438 × 52 mm; DUA23: 32 × 42 × 143 mm
Weight: DUA25: 410 g; DUA23: 310 g

Power Specifications
Input voltage range: DUA25: –39.5 VDC … –75 VDC; DUA23: –40 V DC … –75 VDC
Input current range: DUA25: ≤30 A; DUA23: ≤15 A
Voltage drop: DUA25: 0.30 V (at 30 A); DUA23: 0.30 V (at 15 A)
Polarity protection: As standard