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XMC20 Family of Cards

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XMC20 Family of Cards

XMC20 Family of Cards

With its full-hybrid system architecture the XMC20 enables new strategies for network planning. It reduces network complexity by providing a wide range of interfaces, services and technologies in a single compact subrack. This approach reduces costs and simultaneously raises the reliability of mission-critical networks by decreasing the number of utilized network components. With XMC20 your network is prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow. The XMC20 has a wide range of cards available which are summarised below.

XMC20 ETO12 - The Ethernet unit ETO12 provides 12 Ethernet interfaces for optical or electrical SFP modules. A wide range of SFP modules is supported to allow customization of the interfaces with 100 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps trans­mission capacity. The support of SFPs means that CAPEX investment is required only as you grow and not in a single lump sum initial investment.

XMC20 ETE24 - The ETE24 Ethernet unit provides 24 electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with comprehensive features and high standards for applications that require a reliable data transmission. The ETE24 may be used for various services as LAN interconnection or voice, and video transmission. XMC20 in conjunction with ETE24 is a modular Ethernet switch with powerful switching capacity. With it, you can start with a small installation and expand the switch flexibly from 24 up to 240 interfaces.

XMC20 ETAG1 – The ETAG1 provides efficient aggregation of Ethernet traffic transported via its front Ethernet ports or via XMC20’s TDM bus. With its advanced architecture, the XMC20 fulfils the growing demands on Ethernet services in dedicated networks. Additionally, native TDM services and transport solutions can be provided with XMC20 thanks to its Ethernet-TDM hybrid back-plane. The TDM capabilities include aggregation and transport of Ethernet data via SDH/PDH networks. Thus, networks operators can serve both network structures with one platform and one management system.

XMC20 TUEM1 - The TUEM1 offers E&M VF interfaces with onboard conferencing function for dedicated networks. The TUEM1 integrates traditional services in the XMC20 platform. Important functions for dedicated networks such as E&M voice telephony and conferencing can be offered with TUEM1 in only one unit. Thanks to the access to the XMC20 hybrid Ethernet-TDM backplane, services offered with TUEM1 can be transmitted via all transport network technologies. For that XMC20 offers interfaces towards PDH, SDH and Ethernet/IP networks.

XMC20 SUP12 - The Ethernet unit XMC20 SUP12 offers 12 Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, providing up to 30 W per port (PoE+). The SUP12 capability to distribute PoE, together with its switching functions, makes it particularly suitable for addressing the need for Ethernet connectivity on locations where powering facilities are not easily accessible.

XMC20 IMAG1 - Interface for local battery telephones with magneto line signalling. In some dedicated networks and networks of railway companies, legacy telephone apparatus such as the local battery telephone is the proven robust system still in use today. These telephones use the magneto line signalling technology. This has to be converted into services of modern telecom networks. IMAG1 delivers interfaces for these type of telephones in XMC20 for mission-critical services.

XMC20 TUGE1 - TUGE1 offers legacy G.703 64 kbps interfaces for dedicated networks. The TUGE1 integrates 64 kbps interfaces in the XMC20 platform. Thus, 64 kbps data devices, such as routers and tele-protection terminals, that are in line with the standard can be connected. With TUGE1 the in dedicated networks common TDM services can be supplied furthermore via the IP-based XMC20 platform. The TUGE1 data can be switched with other 64 kbps services in XMC20 and multiplexed to higher TDM hierarchical levels.

XMC20 SUPM1 - POTS line card with 16 POTS (FXS) interfaces with extended voltage protection for dedicated networks. The PSTN line card SUPM1 supports 16 ports for traditional POTS services. Its wide range of configurable modes ensure interoperation with a large variety of exchange protocols.

XMC20 SUPM2 - POTS line card that supports 64 high density POTS interfaces in legacy and packet-based access networks. With the POTS (FXS) line card in XMC20 you use an high performance access system for deploying standard POTS and legacy voice services.

XMC20 TUXA1 - The POTS FXO unit TUXA1 provides up to 12 FXO ports for the connection of remote applications. Its wide range of configurable parameters ensure easy and reliable interoperation with a large variety of exchanges. With the multi-service capabilities of XMC20, TUXA1 signalling and voice data can be transmit­ted via PDH, SDH or Ethernet.

XMC20 TUDA1 - This serial interface unit brings powerful functions and high flexibility for TDM data applications on the XMC20 platform. The TUDA1 provides different types of data interfaces on one unit, configurable via the network management system. With it you can connect a wide range of data terminal equipment, with different interface types and data rate requirements to only one unit in one slot. This improves sub-rack space utilization and optimises your investment.

XMC20 VOIP1 – The VOIP1 voice media gateway unit enables smooth migration from legacy TDM voice traffic to a SIP-based VoIP network with a simple software exchange without any hardware change and minimal disruption on existing applications.

XMC20 STM14 - The STM14 unit offers the ability to have TDM and Ethernet services uplinked via SDH STM-4 or STM-1 from the XMC20 platform. The STM14 allows a smooth migration from SDH transport to pure Ethernet transport on the same chassis; also allowing the coexistence of both types of transport technologies simultaneously.

XMC20 SATP8 - Despite the transition of many core networks to Ethernet/IP, legacy data interfaces are not loosing their importance. Many applications will demand E1 interfaces further on in order to continue to use the already installed equipment. Network operators wanting to save costs with an All-IP network must be able to distribute these legacy interfaces via Ethernet/IP. Thus maximum saving potential can be realised without having to withdraw the well-known services from the client-base.

XMC20 SELI8 - The SELI8 provides XMC20 with interfaces towards a TDM network and the capability to provision TDM services on the PTN platform. The SELI8 provides the uplink for TDM voice and data services via E1 links. Simultaneous coexistence of Ethernet and TDM uplink allows for an easy migration to PTN services whilst maintaining some of the current TDM services. The SELI8 works in conjunction with the SDSL8 and SUPM1/SUPM2 units, TDM SHDSL and voice services respectively.

XMC20 NUSA1 - The XMC20 SDH STM-16 unit NUSA1 offers the ability to transport TDM and Ethernet services via SDH STM-16, STM-4, or STM-1 from the XMC20 platform. NUSA1 enables the smooth migration from SDH networks to pure Ethernet networks in one sub-rack. NUSA1 also allows the coexistence of both types of transport technologies simultaneously.

XMC20 NUSA2 - The XMC20 NUSA2 offers the ability to transport TDM and Ethernet services via SDH STM-16, STM-4, or STM-1 from the XMC20 platform. NUSA2 enables the smooth migration from SDH networks to pure Ethernet networks in one sub-rack. NUSA2 also allows the coexistence of both types of transport technologies simultaneously.

XMC20 SDSL8 - With the SHDSL TDM line card SDSL8 mission-critical services can be connected easily to your network via symmetrical SHDSL. With the integration of regenerators, remote power feeding and the ability to provide 1 or 2 pair transmission it is possible to realise service even under difficult loop conditions and with extended reach. The XMC20 provides you full flexibility for the connection with the backbone. You can transmit data via GbE or furthermore as native TDM data.

NB: More information and detailed specifications on all of these cards are available on request.


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