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XMP1-SL Compact 1HU Access Multiplexer

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XMP1-SL Compact 1HU Access Multiplexer

XMP1-SL Compact 1HU Access Multiplexer

The Transport Gateway XMP1-SL (Slim Line) is a compact, space saving, universal 1 HU cross-connect which provides in its basic configuration grooming and consolidation of 8x E1. It hosts 1 slot to equip an original XMP1 module and connectors for 2 additional data sub modules. It combines the advantages of today’s successful XMP1 platform with its compact design. This guarantees a seamless integration in existing XMP1 networks as well as any other applications. The end-to-end management platforms ServiceOn XMP1 (SOX) and ServiceOn Access (SOA) fully supports the setup, configuration and monitoring of the XMP1 networks. Local management is supported by LCT.


  • 1 HU cross-connect
  • Fully non-blocking 8/64k cross-connect
  • 8 x E1 (75/120 ohm)
  • Up to 4 data interfaces (V.x/G.703)
  • Up to 2 Ethernet Interfaces 10/100 BaseTx
  • 1 universal slot for any XMP1 module
  • Managed by ServiceOn XMP1 (SOX) and ServiceOn Access (SOA)
  • High availability by traffic protection and redundant power feeding
  • Well suited and optimized for transport and mobile networks

The XMP1-SL covers any kind of network topology, supporting the whole range of private and public transport networks such as:

  • Traffic routes (railways, waterways, motorways)
  • Municipal utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  • Power plants
  • Pipeline companies
  • Common carriers (Telcos)
  • Mobile operator
  • Security and military applications (e.g. air traffic control)
  • Blue Light Networks (police, fire brigade, first aid)

Basic configuration:

  • 8x E1
  • Redundant Power Feeding
  • Network Management, SOX or SOA; Q(LAN) over TCP/IP
  • Local Management via RS232
  • Clocking T3/T4 and derived from any E1 signal, supported by clock priorities network wide
  • Alarm contacts A-alarm, B-alarm and additional 2 out and 3 in
  • Optional 2 modules V.11/V.35/V.24/WT or G.703co./contra


XMP1-SL interfaces

1. Supply voltage connector 24/48/60 DC

2. Management port Q (LAN)

3. Card slot for XMP1 Module

4. Battery compartment

5. LAN port 2

6. LAN port 1


7. Data interface DATA-B B: G.703/V.35/V.24

8. Data interface DATA-A A: G.703/V.35/V.24

9. E1 interface 8 x E1

10. Light-emitting diodes

11. F interface - local management port

12. Clock interfaces T3 and T4 Clock

13. Alarm interface

XMP1-SL Data Module

Universal slot to equip one of the following modules:

KZU FEK (2-wire/4-wire E&M)

KZU SUB (Subscriber)

KZU EX (Exchange)

KZU OSX (configurable as SUB, EX, local Battery)

Video Decoder/Encoder


ISDN S0F (basic rate access to subscriber)

ISDN Uk0F (basic rate line interface)

DSK modular with up to 4x G.703 co./contra modules

DSK modular with up to 4x V.11/V.24/V.35/WT modules

Port Nx64k (V.11/V.35)

Port LAN

Port HDB3

Port LE opt U

Port LE


Signal Collector


Standards and recommendations
XMP1-SL is designed to the following ITU-T recommendations:
G.703, G.703.6, G.703.7, G.703.8, G.704, G.706, G.711, G.712, G.732, G.742, G.751, G.796, G.803, G.811,G.812, G.821, G.823, V.110, R.111, G.826, G.828, G.991.2, H.261

Power supply
Power range: Power range: -18VDC up to -75VDC
Nominal: 24V, 48/60 V

Mechanical design
Height x Width x Depth: 55 mm x 450 mm x 300 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg (basic configuration)
Delivered with brackets for mounting in 19’’/ETSI racks

E1 interfaces
8 interfaces acc. to ITU-T G.703, G.704
Balanced (120 Ohm) or unbalanced (75 Ohm), max. 6 dB, 37-pin SUB-D connector

Data interfaces (optional)
4 x V.11 / V.24 / 2xV.35/ WT or 4xG703 co/contra modules
25-pin SUB-D connector

Clock interfaces
T3, T4, 9-pin SUB-D connector

Management interfaces
Q interface Q(LAN), RJ45 connector
LCT interface (RS232), 9-pin SUB-D connector

Environmental Conditions

Storage: ETSI EN 300 019-1-1 Class 1.2 (-25 < Temp < 55°C)
Transport: ETSI EN 300 019-1-2 Class 2.1, 2.3 (-25°C < Temp < 70°C, with specific packaging -40°C < Temp < 70°C)
Operation: ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 Class 3.2 enhanced (-5°C < Temp < +55°C)
Safety: EN 60950-1, EN 41003
EMC: EN 55022 Class B, EN 55024, ETSI EN 300386, EN 50121-4, DIN EN 61000-6-2
RoHS: compliant