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10G 5 Port 2G Fibre Channel TDM

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10G 5 Port 2G Fibre Channel TDM

10G 5 Port 2G Fibre Channel TDM

The 10G 5 port Gigabit Fibre Channel TDM Multiplexer Module is a part of the 10G Transport Platform, a high performance and flexible carrier-class transmission system. The module is a bidirectional device offering the aggregation and transport of up to 5 datacom client ports (GbE, GFC, 2GFC) onto a 10 Gb/s signal. The module can be managed through SNMP or MICROSENS Network Management Platform (NMP). Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) is supported for SFP, XFP and FFI interfaces. The module includes advance management, product modularity, and high availability at a very attractive price. The 2 U chassis accepts up to 2 modules which allow the interconnection of up to 10 x 2GFC/GFC via 2x 10G between two data centres with a distance of 80 km. The module occupies two slots in the MICROSENS chassis and is powered through the backplane of the chassis.

10G 5 Port 2G Fibre Channel TDM schematic


  • 5 x GbE/GFC/2GFC client port interfaces
  • SFP client interfaces
  • OC-192c, STM-64c line format, reduced functionality interface
  • OC-192/STM-64 line bit rate
  • XFP or FFI line interface (1310nm, 1550nm or DWDM)
  • Distances up to 200 km without in-line amplifiers
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring and SNMP or MICROSENS NMP management
  • Loop-back test capable
  • Hot swappable, Plug-n-Play operation

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Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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