Alloy Gem 64 Gigabit NIC Series

Gem 6400V2 series

The ALLOY GEM64 Gigabit NIC Series is a high performance, cost effective, Fibre Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface card. It is compliant with all the relevant 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-LX standards, and supports SC and LC fibre interfaces. It is PCI 2.2 standards compliant, operates in 32-bit and 64-bit PCI host systems, and supports 33/66Mhz PCI buses at both 5 and 3.3Volts. This enables operation of the card in any PCI format including PCI-X. The Broadcom based controller offers many advanced network features. Host CPU offload support (including TCP/UDP checksum offload), intelligent Interrupt Optimisation, and 9K Jumbo Frame Ethernet packets for maximised network efficiency. Network protocol, configuration, processor specifications, memory, general features and options, and environmental parameters are all important specifications to consider when searching for network cards and network controllers.

The GEM6400V2 series are available with SC and LC multimode/single-mode connectors. Advanced 64-bit PCI Bus Mastering architecture provides up to 133Mbps bandwidth. Compliant with all industry standards, the GEM 6400V2 series offers drivers for all popular networks and operating systems including Windows 2003/XP/2000, 95, 98, and NT4.0, Linux, Netwave, DOS and SCO. The package includes setup program for quick and simple installation. The card provides independent receive and transmit buffers with packet bursting across the PCI bus to dramatically increase throughput. Intelligent interrupt management and IP, TCP and UDP checksum off-loading minimizes host CPU time. Operating in full-duplex mode on a 64-bit PCI machine, this card delivers an extremely high level of throughput to the host computer.


  • Multimode and Singlemode versions available
  • Low Profile PCB
  • Full-Duplex Mode with IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
  • Compliant with PCI 2.2 Interface
  • Jumbo Frame up to 9014 Bytes
  • SC and LC models available
  • 64 Bit, 66MHZ PCI/PCI-X
  • On-board verification of IP headers and TCP UDP checksums for received data
  • PXE BootRom Support
  • 1000Base SX, 1000Base LX
  • Support for a wide range of Operating Systems



  • 850nm SC or LC multimode
  • 1310nm SC or LC singlemode
  • 1550nm SC or LC singlemode (on Request)

Fibre Optic Cable:

  • 62.5/125, 50/125μm multimode
  • 9/125μm singlemode

Data Transfer Mode/Speed:

  • Full duplex with Nway flow control
  • 1000Mbps speed

LEDs: LINK/ACT and FDX LEDs on the bracket
Bus Slot: 64/32bit PCI 2.2 Compliant
Power Requirement: 10W @ 5VDC
Standards: IEEE802.3z Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX/LX
Ambient Temperature: Oₒ to 50ₒC
Humidity: 5% to 90%
PCB Dimensions: 165(L) x 56(H)

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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