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FibreGUARD Protection

FibreGUARD Protection

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FibreGUARD System for Fibre Optic Network Protection

FibreGUARD Protection 1FibreGUARD Protection 2

The FibreGUARD system increases the entire availability of critical fibre optic infrastructures and protects the network integrity from loss through blackouts or system failures. FibreGUARD supports companies in assuring the availability of the fibre optic infrastructures used and their associated mission critical systems cost effectively. Through optical bypasses, the switch increases the tolerance of fibre optic networks regarding both single and multi point failures and limits the effects of a brownout or complete system outage. The FibreGUARD system is hooked up between the fibre optic switch and the fibre optic link. If, for example, a failure at one network junction should occur, then FibreGUARD will bypass the active network components and optically maintain the communication beyond the non-operational junction. FibreGUARD is suitable for implementation in both ring and bus topologies. It maintains the operation of a ring topology even when more than one networking node is failing – such as during a regional blackout. On the other hand, bus topologies can benefit as well from the application of FibreGUARD as with the failure of a network node, communication with the network station behind is maintained.


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