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LP1 Line Protection

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LP1 Line Protection

LP1 Line Protection

The LP1 Line Protection constantly monitors the optical power levels of two separate fibre optic cables. When the power levels drop below a user defined threshold the internal optical switch re-routes the data to the alternative backup fibre. By operating the LP1 fibre problems are instantly detected and circumvented before the attached network equipment reacts. This eliminates slow and complex traffic re-routing in higher network layers. The LP1 features the same precision measurement technology that is used in the successful OM1 module. By matching the switching threshold to the monitored link, backup may be initiated due to link degradation and not just on total failure. Switching back to the main fibre may be automated or under manual control. The LP1 features a very high reliability optical switch to avoid adding risk to the critical data path that it controls. Data transport is possible even when the module is not powered up or unplugged from the system. The LP1 may be combined with DWDM or CWDM technology or it can be used stand-alone. The LP1 requires two adjacent slots in the shelf. Operation with other vendors optical equipment is possible.

LP1 Line Protection schematic


  • Automatic Link Backup
  • Precise Optical Power Measurement
  • Rapid Switching <<50ms
  • Definable switching level
  • DWDM & CWDM compatible
  • Passive optical switch guarantees transmission even if without power
  • Layer 1 backup is much quicker and simpler than re-routing in a Router


Connector: LC connectors
Transmission Range: 1200nm – 1650nm
Measurement Range: 1270nm – 1610nm (extended CWDM band, DWDM band)
Resolution, Accuracy: 0.1 dB, 0.5 dB
Switching Speed: <50ms, typical <10ms
Sensitivity: -40 dBm – +20 dBm (-45 dBm - +25 dBm with reduced accuracy)
Attenuation: Transmit path (Appl Link) < 3,5 dB, Receive path (Link Appl) < 0,5 dB
Data Rate: Independent. 10Gbit/s compliant. Analogue signal compliant.
Test functions: Adjustable min/max trigger values independent per channel
Dimensions: 129mm x 50mm x 190mm (H x W x D), Double width module
Weight: ~ 300g
Data Security: The LP1 can not be used to monitor data. Transmission remains possible even without power
Certification: CE conform, FCC part 15, DOC, CDRH 21 CFR 1040, Laser class 1M product (no active laser inside)