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Optical Fibre Monitoring System

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FM100 Optical Fibre Monitoring System

Optical Fibre Monitoring System

The FM100 Fibre Monitor is a real-time optical fibre network monitoring & testing system that is able to detect fibre damages, fibre cuts and fibre degradation over time. The system performs active (live) fibre monitoring by using WDM coupler to separate measurement data from live data traffic. The system is independent of the application and data rate. Based on the OTDR(i) principle, the FM100 Fibre Monitor precisely profiles the attenuation graph of a given fibre. Any variation from the stored profile will trigger an alarm. Due to time domain measurement the exact location of any fault is detected and reported. The FM100 Fibre Monitor is able to alert operation staff through alarm notification. The alarm report consists of type of alarm, date and time of alarm, location of fault, cable ID and fibre ID. The alarm thresholds are individually adaptable. The FM100 Fibre Monitor may be connected to GIS compliant systems to display cable faults directly on a geographical map.


  • Permanent, Live Fibre or Dark Fibre Surveillance
  • Pinpoints fibre events with 10 meter accuracy
  • Rapid Error Detection
  • Compatible with any data source including DWDM, CWDM, 10G etc.
  • Compact design
  • Passive coupling ensures that availability is not compromised
  • Maintenance free


Wavelength: The unit operates at 1625nm wavelength. This ensures it does not collide with the user data even when DWDM or CWDM data are transported. Other wavelength is possible upon request.
Fault Detection: Fault recognition: <1s; Fault location: <45s
Distance and Resolution:

  • Maximum distance: 80km
  • Distance resolution: 2m
  • Distance accuracy: 10m (for 80km)

WDM Filter:

  • User data pass band: 1270nm – 1618nm
  • Insertion Loss: typ.: 0,7dB , Mux and Demux required. Total loss: <2dB
  • Connectors: E2000/ APC 8°


  • Power Supply: nominal 220VAC
  • Dual external power supplies in the 1HU version

Dimensions: 19”, 1U 483 x 295 x 45 mm, 2 Slots; 19”, 5U 483 x 295 x 220 mm, 16 Slots

NB: OTDR(i) - The FM100 Fibre Monitor contains an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer which can measure the characteristics of an optical fibre by sending pulses of laser light from the laser diode into the fibre and measuring the reflected light with an avalanche photodiode detector.


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