An Overview of the SPEED-CARRIER WDM System

By using Wave Divison technologies, fibre optic capacities can be elegantly and cost-efficiently multiplied. A few years ago, expensive WDM optics and complex installation processes prohibited wide-spread commercial use of WDM systems for regional and local fibre optic connections. These limitations are overcome by the current generation of WDM systems. The SPEED-CARRIER WDM series grows flexibly along network requirements – from simple n x E1 system up to redundant multi 10 Gigabit nodes. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Pan Dacom SPEED-CARRIER WDM System offers the highest standards of quality, reliability, outstanding flexibility and cost efficiency.

Speed Carrier DWDM System

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The System for all your Needs:

  • Add further channels on demand
  • Scalable solution with CWDM, DWDM and BWDM
  • 100% protocol transparent
  • Up to 80 channels over one pair of fibre
  • Transmit from 100 Mbps up to 16 Gbps on one channel
  • Total capacity of 800 Gbps over one pair of fibre

Supported Protocols:

  • 100BaseTX/FX and 1000BaseTX/FX
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet
  • STM-1/4/16/64
  • 1/2/4/8 Gbps Fibre Channel
  • 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (under development)

Flexible Power Supply:

  • Redundant and fail-safe: 115 / 230 V AC, 48 V DC, optional 24 V DC
  • Up to three power supplies per chassis
  • Redundant mixed operation (230 V AC / 48 V DC / 24 V DC)
  • Stand-by and load-sharing operation

Active and Passive Modules:

  • EDFA and RAMAN amplifiers
  • Transponder cards for 100 Mbps up to 16 Gbps
  • Dispersion compensation modules (DCM)

Intelligent Cooling System:

  • Individually controlled and redundant fans regulated by integrated temperature sensors
  • This method enormously extends the durability and ensures a long lasting and uninterruptible cooling

Hot-swap & Front Access:

  • Front access for easy installation and hardware extension during operation
  • All system components are hot-swappable and replaceable on-site without impacting the data communication


  • Only 23.5 cm deep
  • Optional ETSI installation kit
  • 1U and 5U chassis available

High Port Density:

  • Up to 512 Gbps capacity with 5U chassis
  • No additional space for air conditioning required
  • 16 slots for high- & low-speed modules as well as management module

Low Power Consumption:

  • Only 84 W e.g. 32 x 1 GbE
  • Only 194 W e.g. 30 x 10 GbE


  • SNMPv1, v2c or v3 management
  • User-friendly and intuitive web interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • RADIUS user authentication
  • SSHv2 incl. SCP or telnet access
  • Port-based alarm lock (time controlled alarm activation)
  • Configuration storage and software update of all slots via NMS module
  • Integrated NMS aggregation switch equipped with 4 x Fast Ethernet for SNMP and Web-NMS
  • Remote in-band NMS via WDM uplink
  • NMS of 3rd Party network equipment connectable via Fast Ethernet port


Capacity Expansion of Optical Networks in Point-to-Point Applications

Capacity Expansion of Optical Networks in Point-to-Point Applications

  • Multiple use of existing fibre
  • Plug&Play
  • Distances of up to1,000 km with n x 10 Gbps
  • Transparent applications from100 Mbps to 16 Gbps
  • Transmission of up to 80 applications over a single pair of fibre

Cost-saving Alternative to SDH Upgrade with High Scalability

Cost-saving Alternative to SDH Upgrade with High Scalability

  • New and scalable transmission capacity
  • SDH ring is maintained
  • Migration without interruption
  • Parallel transmission of IP, SDH, storage, video etc

Storage Backup – Secure Data Center Connections

Storage Backup – Secure Data Center Connections

  • Ideal for backup scenarios
  • Short failover <50 ms
  • In-band remote-managementConfigurable switching behaviour
  • Manual switchover of individual wavelengths for maintenance
  • Brocade certified system

Optical Network Backhaul for competitive DSL Networks

Optical Network Backhaul for competitive DSL Networks

  • Purely passive C/DWDM-solution
  • Ideal for low-cost broadband
  • Protection by ring structure
  • Wavelength adaptation with SFP/XFP-based network equipment

Products in the SPEED-CARRIER WDM System include: