Across the spectrum of academia, Lanode have been providing cost-effective networking solutions for 20 years, and in these extremely difficult financial times with budgets being continually scrutinesed across Education then working with a partner with a proven reputation for technical innovation and reliability is crucially important. Lanode understand the networking requirements in academia.

The solutions that we have implemented in academia have ranged from the simple to the complex, and we pride ourselves on being able to connect 'Anything to Anything' over fibre. Now you might expect us to boast about our strong base in UK education so here are some specific examples:

Foxes Academy is a specialist training college for young adults with learning disabilities. It operates a 24-hour curriculum focused on the catering industry, with pupils working in the main Hotel building and living in residential houses located near the town centre. Foxes' catalyst for implementing a solution to network connectivity between the residential buildings was the impending deployment of a new management information system. Additionally, there existed a need to provide access for both staff and students to network resources based at the hotel and access to the Internet via JANET (Joint Academic Network). Foxes Academy took advantage of the latest G.SHDSL technology to deliver new network connectivity opportunities for staff and students. Take a look at the case study here....

“Lanode offered the most cost-effective solution to Foxes Academy’s hardware requirements and also provided excellent pre-sales support and technical advice.” - Foxes Academy

West Cheshire College is a leading vocational college with three main campuses located in Chester, Ellesmere Port and Capenhurst. In addition to their main campuses, West Cheshire College also runs a catering college at Greenbank Centre in Chester, some 500m from the main site, where a routed ISDN-2 connection was put in place to support the staff and students at this site. West Cheshire College found the ISDN-2 link to be unsatisfactory on two counts – 1) the expense of call charges and 2) the insufficient bandwidth to support access to student records on the College Information System based at the main campus. Internet access and e-mail over the link was possible, but very slow. The college's motivation for the project was to make better use of the funds being spent on the existing ISDN-2 link through the provision of a better quality service. West Cheshire College achieved a 2Mbps Megastream-like connection for a fraction of the cost. The full case stusy is available here....

“The improvements have resulted in much enhanced network services to staff and students on a major campus of the college. All the objectives of the project have been met, including provision of access to student records, enhanced web browsing and cost savings.” - West Cheshire College

The University of Cambridge is in the unique position of owning Europe's largest, single private communications network with approximately 34,000 points. The network compares in size to that of a large government's regional network, but instead of being dispersed over a large geographic area it is compressed into a tight knit academic community. Each site is connected via the complex, 26Km fibre optic network that carries data at speeds of up to 10Gbps and includes 20 main nodes in their voice network. Due to the complexity of the communications network and IT environment and their coexistence within such rigid geographic parameters, the university called on Lanode for help in designing and deploying the network upgrade in a way that maximised both operational effectiveness and cost efficiencies. University of Cambridge has been working with Lanode for several years to meet various network solution needs, so “it made sense to seek Lanode's advice about how to transform the network to put it on an industrial scale.” University of Cambridge deployed Lanode's FMUX solution creating an 'Industrial Scale' network that could cope with demand now and in the future, generating full ROI in 4 months....see here for more information.

“Lanode provided valuable assistance in obtaining best of breed technology and solutions.” - University of Cambridge

Dave Nash at Luton Sixth Form College is a long-standing customer of Lanode's

"It's reassuring to have such competence and co-operation around, especially when things get a little tricky. Lanode is important to Luton Sixth Form College as product supplier as well as for installation projects. Simple or complex, you always come up with the goods" - D. Nash, IT Manager, Luton Sixth Form College


Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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