Example Solution - PacketBand ISDN over Fibre in Government Installation

This customer had 1 central PBX with multiple ISDN interfaces. The customer needed to transport these ISDN interfaces to 3 remote sites. Each remote site was connected to the central site via a length of fibre. The installation was further complicated due to the fact that the fibre cables comprised of lengths of both multi and singlemode cable. To acheive the desired outcome 'PacketBand ISDN' was deployed to encapsulate ISDN into Ethernet/IP. It was then possible to utilise cost effective Ethernet media converters to transport the ISDN over the fibre. A multi to singlemode converter was used where the two fibre types met and once at the remote location 'PacketBand ISDN' could be deployed again to present native ISDN to the end users.

PacketBand ISDN over Fibre schematic













Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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